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Leonora Carrington

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Due to the incredible level of interest in this exhibition, the catalogue is sold out, we are looking into the possibilities of a reprint but for now it is unavailable.

Leonora Carrington was at the centre of the Surrealist movement from 1937 when she ran away with Max Ernst.  She quickly became known for her figurative Surrealist dreamscapes filled with extraordinary and complex narratives informed by her rich interest in mythology, alchemy fairy tales and the occult.  This publication which documents her entire career, explores her work thematically rather than chronologically, themes such as metamorphosis and transformation showing a world full of hybrid, strange and disconcerting figures.  Writing has always been a creative activity of equal importance as painting to Carrington so here the paintings are supplemented with unpublished manuscripts and illustrations all offering a rich visual experience for the reader.  It accompanies the exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

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