This Book Is a Camera

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This Book is a Camera is exactly what it says: a pin hole pop-up camera. And yes, it works too. The working camera in this pop-up book is a fun and educational way to learn about the basic principles of photography. The book concisely explains- while actively demonstrating- how a structure as humble as a folded piece of paper can tap into the intrinsic properties of light to produce a photograph. Easily turn a room in your home into a darkroom and process photos using household supplies.

The book includes:
– a piece of paper folded into a working 10×12.7 cm camera
– A lightproof bag
– 5 sheets of photo-paper “film”
– Development instructions (use household ingredients or photo chemicals)
– A satisfying demonstration of the connection between design & science / structure & function

This is a Camera is made by Kelli Anderson. She is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, and creative tinkerer. She has crafted everything from a paper record player to experimental websites, all with the aim of renewing our wonder at the everyday.

230 x 180 x 20 mm