Penny Farthing Watch

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Snappy moustaches, exercise and fitness, body piercing, tattoos... and now we can add wristwatches and Penny-Farthings to the many Victorian fashions popular today.

The Penny-Farthing watch is a tribute to the early bicycle that was the first bicycle to be called a "bicycle." Since wristwatches and bicycles have led parallel lives for 200 years now, this is a watch whose time has come.

In its time, the bike was known as an "ordinary," though with its large front wheel (the "penny") and tiny back one (the "farthing"), this "ordinary" was anything but.

Before the ordinary, riders endured steel-wheeled bikes called velocipedes (a/k/a "boneshakers") they had to power by foot ("by foot" as in "without pedals"). These "running machines" had to be pushed along with your feet as you straddled a bar that could not but have decreased the likelihood of offspring. No wonder everyone welcomed the tall bicycles!

The Penny-Farthing wristwatch is the only timepiece for high wheelers. It's bang up to the elephant. (That's a good thing!) Bespoke numbers. Afternoonified leather band. None of your hookem-snivey here!

Nickel-free zinc alloy case is 38 mm in diameter. Domed crystal. One year warranty and a Japanese quartz movement. Not water-proof.