Grace Weir: 3 different nights, recurring

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IMMA presents the first museum exhibition by one of Ireland's most respected and compelling artists: Grace Weir. The exhibition "3 different nights, recurring" includes a selection of new work featuring three new films accompanied by a body of existing work that spans over twenty years of Weir's creative output.


Working primarily in the moving image and installation, Grace Weir is concerned with aligning a lived experience of the world with conceptual knowledge and theory. One particular area of Weir's work is her unique approach to research, based on a series of conversations and disciplines. Weir probes the nature of a fixed identity. Her questions are underpinned by the theories under her scrutiny, whether it is relativity, intentionality, the duality of light or philosophies of time, history and film.


Interested in the moment before definition, Weir's works explore the dynamic of practice and representation. Creating a dialogue between the conceptual nature of her ideas and how meaning becomes tangible through activity, the works in the exhibition refer simultaneously to the act of making and the mediums in which they are made, including where time itself forms the work.