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Alan Phelan : Fragile Absolutes

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 Authors, Editor and Contributors: Dušan I. Bjelic´, Seán Kissane, Medb Ruane and Tony  White

€35.00 (268 pages, 207 illustrations)

  ISBN: 978-8-88158-763-6
  Year of Publication: 2009
  Description: Alan Phelan (b. Dublin, 1968) is an Irish artist known for his complex works which create  relationships between quite disparate elements of political history, cultural theory, popular culture, science fiction, and modified  cars. This publication documents Alan Phelan’s Fragile Absolutes exhibition of 15 works realised in a variety of materials and  processes, from hand-carved marble, through to video and papier mâché sculpture.

Please note that a Limited  Edition print made by Alan Phelan for IMMA is available for purchase - click here]