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Amanda Coogan - Yellow III (2022)

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Irish artist Amanda Coogan works largely in durational performance presented in the gallery as live exhibition.

Coogan's performance of Yellow (for those familiar with the specificities of the Irish context), shows the constant scrubbing of a woman’s dress in Yellow, which brings to mind the infamous Magdalene Laundries, religious institutions all across the country where ‘fallen women – prostitutes, victims of rape, single mothers – were confined from the 18th to late 20th centuries. The inmates were forced to work washing clothes – an activity of high metaphorical content for it extended also to the purification of the soul…The ritualistic repetition of movements will never cease, but neither will their liberating potential. Ultimately Yellow is about a continuous existential journey, Coogan’s, yours and mine.

Edition of 50

Print: Lustre Archival, Premium - 
Image size 30x20cm set onto A3 fine art sheet 300gsm plus