Kiki Na Art, Käthe Kollwitz Necklace

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Kiki Na Art
Käthe Kollwitz Necklace, 2019

Hand painted acrylic, photograph, resin
Dimensions 90 mm
Unique Edition

This necklace features German artist Käthe Kollwitz (8 July 1867 – 22 April 1945). Fiercely committed to portraying the plights of workers and peasants, Kollwitz rendered the grief and harrowing experiences of both historical and contemporary wars in the first decades of the 20th century. Bucking usual artistic trends, Kollwitz adopted printmaking as her primary medium, and drawing from her own socialist and anti-war sentiments, she harnessed the graphic and expressive powers of the medium to present to the public an unvarnished look at the root causes and long-lasting effects of war. While her interest in printmaking and sometimes her subject matter coincided with the Expressionist painters in Germany, she remained independent from them, charting her own path in the burgeoning world of modern art.

Dublin born artist Ciarna Pham, who works under the name Kiki Na Art, is the creator of these unique pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The stunning one of a kind pieces are made for the individual and no two pieces are ever the same. To compliment the Desire exhibition at IMMA, Kiki Na Art has produced a collection of unique jewellery and wall pieces based on women artists in the museum collection.