Nuuna Graphic L 'Beauty' Notebook

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What is the meaning of true beauty? An intelligent mind, or the perfect hairstyle? It?s all a matter of opinion, but what we can contribute towards this age-old debate is the true beauty of this notebook. The elegant curves of the cover design are crafted by designer Stefan Sagmeister, and accentuated by the finest smooth bonded leather and premium paper. Behold the perfect place for joyful jibber jabber, the deepest of thoughts or just the latest beauty tips. This notebook has been named after the accompanying Sagmeister & Walsh: BEAUTY exhibition. It poses the questions "What is beauty?" and "Why are we so attracted to it?" This is a special flexcover notebook with a cover made of smooth bonded leather, edge colouring and limited edition silk screen print.

Dimensions: 2.1 x 16.5 x 22 cm 
Grid: Grey dot grid
Paper: 120g Munken Paper