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Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future

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A manifesto for revolution in material innovation

Rejecting old assumptions and revitalizing the principles of sustainable production, 
Radical Matter reimagines material and process to provide the manifesto for a revolution in material innovation.

Guaranteed to inform and inspire in equal measure, this book celebrates the designer and maker as an agent for radical change, disrupting the way we design, make and consume through material innovation. Framed by eight ‘Big Ideas’, with over sixty fully illustrated case studies featuring testimonies from global industry experts, this is an essential introduction to the cutting edge of design for a sustainable future.

Fit for designers at any level, this is nose-to-tail eating for the design world – a vital resource for those looking to understand how to connect materials with manufacturing and the means of distribution and consumption.

It’s time to turn the cycle from take–make–waste to make–waste–make.