Alice Maher: Reservoir

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This is a superb collection of the best of Alice Maher's artwork alongside never-before-seen sketchbooks which examine her influences, inspiration and processes. Reservoir showcases Alice Maher's never-before-seen collection of sketchbooks and notebooks that span her entire career. These colourful, playful and evocative documents are placed alongside some of Maher's pivotal artworks, inviting the reader to examine how the artist drew from her 'reservoir' of sketches, musings and ideas to form the cornerstones of her renowned artistic career, and to examine the complex relationship between inspiration and 'finished' pieces. Beautifully crafted and designed with a full and innovative engagement with the material, Reservoir draws from Alice Maher's famed body of work to become a work of art in itself. A hugely influential artist internationally, Maher was recently selected as one of 4 Irish artists to be commemorated on a special series of stamps in her native Ireland.