Boulevard Magenta 3

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Boulevard Magenta

A biannual magazine of the arts and letters published by the Irish Museum of Modern Art.


Echoing early international avant-garde magazines, Boulevard Magenta focuses on art practice without excluding any discipline. IMMA has organised numerous projects involving not only artists but also writers, architects, musicians, filmmakers and dancers. Boulevard Magenta acknowledges the interconnection between art forms, and offers our audiences the context and background to understand, learn from, and enjoy more fully contemporary culture.


Contributors: Enrique Juncosa, Chris Abani, Thomas Ades, Ron Arad, Matthew Barney, Juan Manuel Bonet, Barnardo Carvalho, Horacio Coppola, Jessica Craig-Martin, Augusto de Camos, Walter Gam, Liam Gillick, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Douglas Gordon, Alasdair Gray, Romesh Gunesekera, Robert Marteau, Neil Jordan, John Montague, Paul Muldoon, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Andrew O’Hagan, Philippe Parreno, Garrett Phelan, Barnard Plossu, Jeremy Reed, James Schuyler, Aleksandr Skidan, Michael Smith, Rirkrit Tirananija, Eliot Weinberger, Terry Winters

ISBN: 9781907020452

Description: A third volume of one of the decade’s finest and most international museum journals, maintaining its intention to focus on art practice without excluding any discipline: film, architecture, music composition, photography, fabric design, fiction, biography, poetry and visual art.