Cypress Cedarwood Soap

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Cypress Cedarwood Soap – handmade, natural soap, scented with woody, balsamic and smoky Cedarwood essential oil which pairs wonderfully with a woody, slightly refreshing aroma of Cypress oil.

Gentlemen, get ready for your skin to be pampered! Mhmm, you know the smell…who can resist this fresh forest scent? Our men’s soap is perfect for those guys that enjoy earthy, woody aromas, but I personally love the smell of this soap too! Hearty, clean, and fresh, evoking nostalgic memories of camping in the High Tatras Mountains years ago. So, when camping, hiking, or planning another sort of adventure, make sure you take along a green bar of our natural soap.

Straight from the mountains of Morocco comes the Cedarwood essential oil in our irresistible Cypress Cedarwood soap. We chose this specific oil from many possible evergreen oils because of its lovely balsam-like aroma. To fully develop the bouquet of the soap bar, we added Cypress oil and a touch of Patchouli.

All products are handcrafted in small batches in Ireland using the finest nourishing ingredients.