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Erin Quinn is an Irish-Canadian award winning artist who’s photographic work has been exhibited internationally. She is currently working on olfactory projects inspired by music, popular culture, art, memory and human connection.

Her fragrance, Albatross, was influenced by the Fleetwood Mac song of the same title. Erin interpreted the olfactory experience by immersing herself in the song, listening over and over while blending the scent, encapsulating the scene she imagined…A beach party as the sun is coming up, the smell of sea air, coconut suntan lotion from the day before on salty skin, smoke from a campfire dying out, faint smell of beer, freshness of the surf.

Erin’s olfactory work is presented in gender neutral limited edition eau de parfum. Each scent hand-made with both the highest quality essential oils blended with the finest perfumers ingredients enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of evocative scent both unusual yet somehow comforting and familiar.


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10ml limited edition eau de parfum