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Hand with Reflecting Sphere, M.C. Escher Magnet

Hand with Reflecting Sphere, M.C. Escher Magnet

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Escher was fascinated by reflection, in particular sphere reflections. In Hand with Reflecting Sphere, we can see the round lines of the reflection in a subtle way. It is not immediately apparent that the ceiling is round, or that the lamp is in such an odd position. In the centre of the picture, Escher is looking straight at the viewer. Behind him and alongside him is his studio in Rome, where the family resided at the time. It is orderly and tidy. The most intriguing feature of the work, however, is the hand holding the sphere: Escher’s right hand. The hand is so close to the viewer that it appears as though the viewer is looking at his own hand. Of course, that is not the case, but you certainly get that impression when you examine the work more closely. Furthermore, the viewer is led to believe that the sphere is resting on a left hand. The thumb is on the left, which means that he must be holding the sphere with his left hand. Or not? A lithographic print is a mirror image of the original drawing made on the stone! The left-handed Escher must have used his right hand as an example.

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