Kiki Na Art, Mainie Jellett Necklace

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Kiki Na Art
Mainie Jellett Necklace, 2019

Hand painted acrylic, photograph, resin
Dimensions 100 x 80 mm
Unique Edition

Mainie Jellett was a lead figure of the modern art movement in Ireland. (29 April 1897, Dublin – 16 February 1944) Jellet championed an academic form of Cubism that discarded traditional art practices, reduced forms to minimalistic shapes and incorporated them into geometric patterns. She was fascinated in the symbolic power of colour and the the power of abstraction. She developed a process of painting, which saw her make detailed studies of her subjects then sought out what she regarded as the inner rhythms and ordered movements of the image. What resulted was obviously abstract yet still retained elements of the original study. Jellett’s confidence in the spiritual significance of colour was the driving force in her work and through colour harmony and tonal balance she created works of exceptional impact and charm.

Dublin born artist Ciarna Pham, who works under the name Kiki Na Art, is the creator of these unique pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The stunning one of a kind pieces are made for the individual and no two pieces are ever the same. To compliment the Desire exhibition at IMMA, Kiki Na Art has produced a collection of unique jewellery and wall pieces based on women artists in the museum collection.