Kiki Na Art, Judith Scott Necklace

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Kiki Na Art
Judith Scott Necklace, 2019

Hand painted acrylic, photograph, resin
Unique Edition

Judith Scott was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1943. Isolated as a result of being institutionalized for most of her life due to Down syndrome and deafness, Scott began creating art at age forty-three, after being introduced to Creative Growth in 1987. Fabric quickly became her passion and medium of choice, and for the next eighteen years of her life, Scott created sculptures using yarn, twine, and strips of fabric, to wrap and knot around an array of mundane objects she discovered around her, such as keys, plastic tubing, bicycle wheels, and a shopping cart. Scott’s vivid and enigmatic sculptures, which evolved in shape and material throughout her career, expressed her imagination in ways she could not through speech. Her abstract works have been compared to nests and cocoons while her processes alluded to both ritual and play. Described as hermetic and complex, the wrapping suggests protection and concealment.

Dublin born artist Ciarna Pham, who works under the name Kiki Na Art, is the creator of these unique pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The stunning one of a kind pieces are made for the individual and no two pieces are ever the same. To compliment the Desire exhibition at IMMA, Kiki Na Art has produced a collection of unique jewellery and wall pieces based on women artists in the museum collection.