Lissitzky - Kabakov Cassette

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The Cassette Volume of books contains one book with in-depth articles by the Kabakov expert Professor Boris Groys, an imaginary interview with Lissitzky by Professor John Milner, an expert in avant garde Russian art, and an interview with Ilya and Emilia Kabakov by the artist Anton Vidokle. The book also contains an illustrated image biography of the artists. 

The other two books in the volume contain one book for each of the artists Lissitzky and Kabakov. They show all the works that were included in the 2012 Van Abbe exhibition. The images are full colour and arranged in accordance with the themes in the exhibition 'Lissitzky – Kabakov, Utopia and Reality'.

By Charles Esche, Boris Groys, John Milner, Anton Vidokle

Van Abbe museum 2012

292 pages, illustrated, softcover.