Lives of Lucian Freud: Youth 1922-1968

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This monolith biography is only part one of William Feaver’s biography of Lucian Freud, one of the greatest painters of the 20th Century. This first part of two volumes this book concentrates on the early part of Freud’s life.

Born to a well-to-do middle-class Jewish family, and the grand son on Sigmund Freud, he escaped Nazi Germany in 1934 before being dropped into a succession of English public schools. Feaver traces a brilliant, difficult young man’s coming of age, creating art entirely on his own terms.

Freud was no hideaway artist; he was a passionate and often destructive lover with swathes of admirers both male and female. This volume closes in 1968 – a time when his professional reputation was still to come.

Not simply the story of an epic life, but also an account of a century told through one of its most important artists.

160 x 240 x 60 mm
680 pages