IMMA Editions at Kildare Village

IMMA Editions at Kildare Village

The IMMA Shop has a pop up at Kildare Village until October 31st with a collection of exceptional gift ideas inspired by the new Desire exhibition at IMMA. On display we have some very special limited edition prints, so visitors to Kildare Village have a rare opportunity to expand (or start) their art collections. 

Genieve Figgis Adam & EveGenieve Figgis is a rising star on the Irish art scene with 25 paintings in the Desire exhibition. Within just a few years of leaving school, Dublin based Figgis became a favourite of critics and artists alike, starting with Richard Prince, the art world's resident provocateur who championed her on social media after discovering her work on Twitter. A stunning print of her piece Adam & Eve after Joachim Wtewael is available from the IMMA pop up shop. Her unique brand of painting—which uses acrylics “slathered heavily” on canvas and often references works of the canon as viewed through a melted macabre filter.

Tracey Emin Closed  Tracey Emin - You Forget Who You Are

Tracey Emin is the enfant terrible of the Young British Artists movement in the 1980s, who most people will remember for her piece My Bed (which was one of the most visited installations in the Tate Modern). But her work has always included traditional media like print, applique, paint and embroidery. In fact, print-making was Emin's first love; she completed a Fine Art and Print-making degree at Maidstone Art College which she describes as "one of the best experiences of [her] life". We are delighted to have these two original etchings (produced in Emin's studio in 2013) available in our pop u shop in Kildare Village. These beautiful pieces trace the recurringly introspective, self-questioning and often dark subject-matter with which she has grappled throughout her career. 


Linder Sterling - Migration of SymbolsLinder Sterling is a British artist known for her photography, radical feminist photomontage, and confrontational performance art. Emerging from the Manchester punk and post-punk scenes in the 1970s, Sterling focuses on questions of gender, commodity and display. Her highly recognisable photomontage practice combines everyday images from domestic or fashion magazines with images from pornography and other archival material. Migration of Symbols pictured here, is available from the Kildare Village pop up shop until October 31st. 


Stephen Dunne As Above So BelowStephen Dunne is an Irish artist whose practice operates across the registers of painting, drawing, moving image and the investigation of speculative and theoretical fictions. This piece As Above, So Below, was created for the exhibition of the same name in IMMA in 2017. An edition of 100, each is individually hand painted and screen-printed on Hahnemuhle Bamboo, acid free paper. 

The IMMA Pop Up shop at Kildare Village is open every day from 12-6 until October 31st.





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