Barrie Cooke

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 Authors, Editor and Contributors: Brian Dillon, Dorothy   Cross, Seamus Heaney, Enrique Juncosa, and Karen Sweeney.

ISBN: 978-1-843511-96-0

 Year of Publication: 2011

Description: A hardcover   comprehensive survey of Barrie Cooke’s career - with 82 colour plates across 162   pages – published on the occasion of the artist’s 80th birthday and the   unveiling of a solo exhibition at IMMA. Barrie Cooke is one of Ireland's   foremost painters to have emerged since the fifties (he has lived for the past   fifty-five years), although he is widely travelled and his richly expressionist,   semi-abstract paintings have been strongly influenced by time spent in Malaysia,   Borneo and New Zealand for example, on his beloved fishing trips. Nature is his   chosen environment and subject matter. He has collaborated with a number of   prominent poets including Seamus Heaney, John Montague and Ted Hughes, all of   who share his fascination with the elemental.