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Free State Architecture

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The most vital force in architecture internationally in the twentieth century was the Modern Movement. Born of both newly developing structural techniques and a desire to break from the historic styles of the past, the Modern Movement stood out as encapsulating the essential spirit and energy of modern times.

The effects of this international revolution in architectural design and aesthetics can be seen in Ireland from the 1920s onwards, although some of the seeds of change were evident earlier. This new book recounts in detail the formative period of modern architecture in Ireland during the years of the Irish Free State, from its founding in 1922 until the declaration of a republic in 1949.

Profusely illustrated using rare archival photographs, original architectural drawings, and contemporary sources in the architectural press from Ireland and beyond, the book reveals a rich seam of buildings of unsuspected quality and depth, some of which attracted international acclaim in their time. Free State Architecture is the first book to focus entirely on the modernist strand in the Irish Free State.

With its comprehensive approach, accessible text and fascinating array of illustrations, it makes an original and important contribution to the history of architecture, not only in covering a neglected period in Ireland, but in filling a gap in the story of the spread of the International Style worldwide.

Format: Hardback

Published by Gandon Editions