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Marvellous Magicians

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Step right up for a glimpse of the most marvellous magicians of all time — from Adelaide Herrmann, one of the first female magicians, to the magnificent Harry Houdini himself!

Sensational facts about eight master magicians practically levitate off the page in this enchanting collection. Experience the thrill of sword-eating, the mystery of the disappearing duck, and one incredible illusionist who can snatch bullets out of midair! No magician will ever reveal her secrets, but you may just learn how a few pulled off their most famous tricks…

Young magicians-in-training will appreciate features on 'A Magician’s Toolbox' and 'The Eight Effects of Magic', and breathtaking watercolour illustrations from author-illustrator Lydia Corry bring magic to life in this astonishing book.


Size:30.0 x 23.0 cm

Extent:48 pp