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Navine G. Dossos - Test Sheet (2022)

Navine G. Dossos - Test Sheet (2022)

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Test Sheet (2022)

IMMA is delighted to present the beautiful edition Test Sheet by artist Navine G. Dossos, created as part of a new commission for IMMA’s iconic colonnades. Kind Words Can Never Die was created through three public workshops held by the artist, where participants were invited to visualise, in colour, their emotions and responses to themes relating to the environment and climate change. Following each workshop Navine would gather responses to select colours from every participant leading towards the realisation of a collective mural for the colonnades. In her studio Navine had a large piece of paper where she colour matched elected responses, checking the accuracy with each brush stroke and titling each colour. The final result reveals an artwork edition which captures and records every colour used in Kind Words Can Never Die on one single sheet.

All profits made on the sale of this edition will be reinvested into IMMA’s ecological programming.

IMMA invited the artist Navine G. Dossos to realise an ambitious new commission for IMMA’s iconic courtyard, titled Kind Words Can Never Die, the work explores new psychological states that have emerged in response to a greater awareness of global and local climate change. Inspired by the books Earth Emotions (2019) by Glenn Albrecht, and Thought Forms (1901) by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, these wall paintings designed through a series of workshops at IMMA, explore how we can use colour to express emotional states, and make images of these complex feelings that can be both negative and positive responses to ecological change.

"One of the major issues of addressing climate change is how we visually represent it. We rely heavily on photographs to evidence the drama of ecological degradation, but also on data-driven charts, informational diagrams and other schematic representations to describe something that is almost intangible in our everyday lives. However, these issues also weigh on us psychologically, and our mental health influences the nature of our response." Kind Words Can Never Die aims to bring together our internal and external worlds, to create a new way to think about the intimate effects of climate change, and to shift our relationship to the planet. 

Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle fine art fibre based matt paper (German Etching 310gsm).

Size:594mm x841mm

Edition of 100 with 10 A/Ps

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